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adwords keyword planner (7th Jan 23 at 11:50am UTC)
adwords keyword planner
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AdWords Mistake #1: Lack of Attention

One of the biggest reasons business owners fail at AdWords is lack of time to improve the results. In the beginning you need to spend about 5 hours per week analyzing results such as click through rates (CTR), monitoring bid costs and ad locations within the search results, etc. It's been said that just 4% of account owners login to their AdWords account on a weekly basis.

If you have any expectations of AdWords success, you have to commit the time and attention required by regularly working on your account. After all, it's not going to manage itself.

I would make it a point to commit to just 2 hours adwords keyword planner per week and you will be amazed at how quickly your ROI will improve.

AdWords Mistake #2: Not Split Testing Ads

Split testing has been done in the marketing world for years because it helps to isolate offers that customers will respond best to. It means you offer up at least 2 ads for any given ad group and Google alternates these ads to viewers. Once you have at least 30 clicks per ad, you have a statistically significant result to decide which ad is working the best.

You want enough clicks to ensure the outcome is meaningful and not just the luck of the draw. Once you know, just pause the losers and write one to two more ads and try to beat the winner. Do this over and over.

Split-test the titles and ad text using completely different headline and ad text. Be sure to include action words like "learn", "how to", "download" "Free", etc. Don't forget to use an exclamation point at the end of the last word in the second line of the ad.

AdWords Mistake #3: Ignoring Mobile Traffic

Mobile device searches are expected to overtake desktop and laptop searches in 2014. Studies show that mobile users convert at a higher rate. They want your service NOW and you need to be there for them when they are looking to spend money with you.

Here's how Google describes it:

"Set bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids and gain more control over when and where your ads show."

Then, when creating a mobile ad, click the box labeled "mobile" so your ad will show on these devices. Here's what shows under the ad when you are creating it:

Device preference - Mobile

Simply make sure the "mobile" button is clicked. My AdWords experience has shown that customers who search on a mobile device convert (a conversion is when they call or email you) at significantly higher rates than other devices.

Place a higher bid for mobile device ads as compared to non-mobile ads and follow it for the next few days to see where your ad is placing on the mobile device search results.

AdWords Mistake #4: Poor Keyword Selection

Proper keyword selection takes time and effort and is very easy to get wrong. Common problems include:

One and two term keyword choices -- Long-tail keywords are more cost-effective, especially in competitive niches, but too many businesses focus on the short, easy to find terms. I always like to search out long-tail keywords that contain 3 or more words. These keywords, although searched less, convert well and are usually someone looking to buy as opposed to just researching.

Not using the Google Keyword planner properly - I spend most of my time searching keywords that my competitors miss, or under-utilize. Google offer videos in the help center on how to properly use this powerful tool.

Not monitoring and using negative keywords -- Negative keywords help filter out unwanted, irrelevant clicks, so they're a great way to cut wasted spending. However, many of your competitors are throwing huge sums of money at irrelevant clicks. Don't be one of them.
AdWords Mistake #5: Poor Landing Pages

The landing page is where your customer decides whether to spend money with you or move on to your competitor's page. The landing page experience is huge and is probably the most costly mistake I see. You can have a perfectly organized AdWords account but poor landing pages will instantly kill all your effort.

Your landing page should exactly match the offer in the ad that was clicked. This means that you need to build anywhere from 3-8 special landing pages with compelling offers. The first huge mistake is sending your Google AdWords visitors to your home page.

If I click an ad that reads:

"Men's Shoes are 50% off Right Now!" and I land on the home page with no mention of the offer, I'm gone! Just too much work is involved in navigating the site to find this offer. Avoid this wasteful error at all costs!

Landing pages- The 6 most important elements are:

A compelling headline that matches the offer in your ad exactly
A follow-up sub-head line that further explains the offer. (Just like newspaper headlines handle it)
Compelling text that fully explains the offer in detail
A strong call to action so your visitor knows exactly what to do next
Strong and visible placement of your phone number
A "Contact Us" box placed very prominently in the upper right or left of the page, well above the fold.
Sending all visitors to the same landing page or, worse, your homepage is a recipe for failure. Give them a targeted, dedicated landing page that serves one primary purpose only: getting the visitor to call or email you, ensuring that the entire page is closely tied to the keyword and ad that got them to your site in the first place.

To summarize, simply following these 5 important steps can double or triple your conversion rates. You can easily get 2-3 times more revenue from your AdWords budget without any additional spend.

Michael began using AdWords to drive traffic in 2002. His sites have received over 6 million clicks from both local and national Google AdWords campaigns and he credits a large portion of his online success to AdWords. Michael has spent thousands of hours using the AdWords interface to build his own online businesses. He believes that the only true AdWords experts are those that learned the ropes on their own dime, not someone else's.

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