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Love deeply-Xia Lixin (5th Dec 22 at 8:15am UTC)
Every time I get home, I am the best to hold my little tail. I even lie flat and ask for a touch, but after a long time, I begin to twist and jump down, all kinds of unhappiness. As soon as Ren Jin loosened his hand, he jumped to the ground with a "bang" and stretched his tail. Because Ren Jin didn't eat much at the dinner table just now, her stomach began to cry after such a short time. Wen Shixiu put down his cell phone and glanced at her. What do you want to eat? Holding an empty stomach, Ren Jin thought: "Fried Rice with Egg." He raised his eyebrows slightly surprised: "Eat Fried Rice with Egg?" Ren Jin nodded. Because she wants to eat Fried Rice with Egg right now _ (: 3∠) _ There are cold rice and eggs at home, and it takes only a few minutes to make a Fried Rice with Egg. Ren Jin sat on the table and ate a lot. Before she finished eating, she received a phone call from her mother urging her to go home. She promised again and again. As soon as she finished eating, she followed Wen Shixiu to the parking lot. The car turned on a little air conditioning, the temperature was just right, by the overhead light, Ren Jincai noticed the cat hair standing on her pants, she wanted to reach out to pat but was afraid to make the car all over, sighed sadly. What's the matter Wen Shi revised to reverse the car and asked casually. Cat hair on his clothes. When he stepped on the brake and stopped, Wen Shixiu remembered that he had put a piece of tape in the car last time and handed it to her. As soon as Ren Jin saw the tape, she was surprised to take it over. She was still thinking about how her mother was allergic to cat hair and how she could take it home without being hacked to death. When he was driving, she concentrated on sticking the cat hair. The tape was sticky enough, and it was almost the same to go back and forth a few times. Ren Jin kneaded the waste tape into a circle and wrapped it in a napkin,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and then got out of the car and threw it away in a trash can. Tonight the sky is still good, dark blue with a few stars, in such silence, Ren Jin suddenly thought of Li Ying, she was curious for a long time to ask Wen Shixiu which campus Li Ying is the teacher, but the words to the mouth and stopped, so a random thought,mobile racking systems, to their own downstairs. The light in the corridor was so bright that she turned her eyes and made her squint with pain. It was forgotten until she said good night and went upstairs. Wen Shixiu, as always, watched her enter the elevator and waited until the lights on the first floor went out before leaving in gear. The party will come soon. When Wen Shixiu went out of the office, it was too late. He wanted to take Ren Jin with him, but she had disappeared. He asked Fu Yu to know that he had something to go out and went there first. But when he arrived, he sat in his seat and waited for a long time, but there was no sign of her. Remembering what happened in the restaurant yesterday, Wen Shixiu casually made an excuse to go out and called her three times. As soon as picks up is the deafening car whistle sound, Wen Shixiu frowns took the handset to be far, a long time only then asked: "Where is?" Ren Jin had already finished her work, but I don't know whether the driver picked a road that was easy to get stuck in traffic or she was unlucky. Anyway, she was stuck on the road now. I don't know where I am. The little girl's sense of direction was not very good. Wen Shixiu knew very well that telling her about the north, south, east and west was tantamount to the Arabian Nights. He had no choice but to express himself thoughtfully: "Is there any landmark building next to it?" Ren Jin Wen Yan gently "ah", heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, realized what moved to the window to see, in front of a long queue of cars, she lowered the window to try to see the head. Brother, there is a big Xinhua Bookstore in front of me. "Well, what's next to the bookstore?" Ren Jin's eyesight was fairly good. She squinted and saw clearly: "There is a cafe." As soon as she said this, Wen Shixiu confirmed where she was now, and after asking her to wait, he went straight over. It was only two streets, and as soon as he turned the corner, he saw a very long queue of cars and touched his cell phone again to make a phone call. In which car? Color, brand, license plate. Wen Yan Ren Jin stayed for a moment, she, she, she only knew the color. Hurriedly asked the driver master, and then reported to him. Because of the right turn ahead, Wen Shixiu was able to determine that the car must be in the right turn lane. He walked all the way along the roadside and saw the car in her mouth and the little girl in the car.
Cold expression in that moment slightly changed, the line of sight is that she looked anxiously waiting for the appearance, from time to time also looked down at the phone, he was staring at God for a few seconds, the phone into a text message, bow. Brother, where are you? I didn't see you. Without a reply, he strode over and tapped on the window. In fact, as soon as Ren Jin finished sending the text message, he saw the people on the roadside, and in his line of sight he was standing like this, and the yellow light of the street lamp was falling from his head, warming half of his side. She gawked at him, glanced at his cell phone and walked toward her, slowly and steadily, step by step, as she had done at first, slowly entering her world. Still in a daze? As soon as Wen Shixiu opened the car door, he saw the little girl in a daze and stretched out her palm closer. "Don't go?" Pulling back her thoughts, Ren Jin bit the corner of her lips and whispered softly, "I want to go." "Why don't you come down?" After paying for the car, Ren Jin climbed down from the back seat with his hands and feet. As soon as he looked up, it happened to be his hand with clear joints and texture. He did not wait for his brain to react for a second. His hand had been pulled up subconsciously and was just stuffed into his warm palm. Close to each other. Taking her back to the roadside through the traffic, Wen Shixiu did not care that the party had begun, so he leisurely led her slowly. Don't know the way? Ren Jin had only one hand empty, and the other was slightly dangling back and forth by him. She was a little shy when she looked at it. Her soft earlobes were dyed red like sunset. She bit her lower lip and mumbled: "I've never been here before.." So I don't know the way. It's also normal. "What did you just go out to do?" Instead of dwelling on the issue, he changed the subject. Ren Jin squints: "Go to send some materials to teacher Yi." Some of their educational institutions have cooperative relations with the city, and Ren Jin went to send teaching materials to a certain in-service teacher. Wen Shixiu nodded. Chatting on the horizon, the time passed very quickly. It took only five minutes to walk two streets. As soon as he entered the hotel box,drive in racking system, he released her hand and told her in a low voice. Don't drink alcohol, and don't drink carbonated drinks, you hear? 。 jracking.com
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