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The evil dragon of online games goes against the s (5th Dec 22 at 7:11am UTC)
"Well, yes." Ye Tianxie certainly won't refuse. He took the hands of the two girls, thought for a moment, took out the empty magic stone, and sent it to the town where he often went. The green grass and the gentle breeze here really made Xiao Meng like it deeply. She imitated Ye Tianxie's way of lying on the grass, and then unconsciously moved close to his body, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the soft grass and the clear air comfortably. Xing Li put away his purple dress and sat beside Ye Tianxie. There were few players or residents in this place, so there was no need to worry too much about being seen. Xing Li, are you tired? Ye Tianxie said with his eyes half closed. "Three people should feel tired of the girl is the spirit, but he has been tired enough to choke, so a lie down, basically do not want to get up." I'm not tired. Star glass gently shook his head, with her constitution as the daughter of God, it would be strange to feel tired. Do you miss the land of the Demon God? Ye Tianxie said. Xing Li still shook his head and showed him a shallow smile: "I don't need to worry about the Demon God Continent. Their big difficulties have been solved, and nothing can hurt them.". I just want to stay with my brother now, and I don't want anything else. Ye Tianxie looked at her quietly for a while and suddenly smiled: "Xing Li, do you remember before?" At that time, you were as clever as a kitten. When you saw strangers, you would hide behind me in fear. Because it was difficult to say complete words, you were very careful when you spoke in a low voice. Although you wanted to eat a lot when you ate, but you were afraid of making a lot of noise,pallet rack shelving, so you ate very slowly and carefully. When you coaxed you to sleep, you always held me tightly for fear that I would run away. If you don't see me one day, you will cry secretly. At that time, the star glass was so lovely that no matter who saw it, he would want to hold it. However, no one would have thought that my star glass was such a powerful person. He is the Demon God of the Demon God Continent. He once almost destroyed the whole Lost Continent by himself. He is more powerful than anyone else in the world. Now that I think about it, I still feel incredible. Thinking of her previous timid and weak appearance, Xingli's face showed a slight pink color. She put her little hand in Ye Tianxie's palm and asked softly, "Does that brother like the present Xingli or the past Xingli?" "Haha,heavy duty rack manufacturers, of course, I like the star glass, whether in the past or now, as long as it is the star glass, I like it." Ye Tianxie answered with a smile. Star glass also laughed, the smile is particularly sweet. She likes her present state, now she has a complete language ability, can express her heart to him completely, has a strong power, can protect the people around him, can do a lot of things for him, no longer become a drag on him. Suddenly, without warning, the star glass's smile suddenly became stiff, she originally looked at Ye Tianxie's eyes suddenly turned, medium duty racking ,metal racking systems, looked to the east. Ye Tianxie was stunned by her sudden change. He sat up from the ground and whispered, "Xing Li, is that so?" Chapter 1186 the interlacing of two worlds (part two). "Again." That feeling. Looking at the east, the star glass murmured. Ye Tianxie:? A very familiar feeling, in that direction, far, far away from here. But I can't say where I am familiar with. This feeling has appeared many times, although each time only for a short time, but each time more and more intense. This feeling makes me a little uneasy. That feeling disappeared again, the star glass eyes turned, eyes full of blankness. Let the star glass familiar feeling. "Can you know the exact location?" Ye Tianxie said that there must be a reason for all the results, so that the star glass has such a reaction, he can not be surprised, if he can find that location, he will choose to take the star glass there to find out. I don't know exactly where it is, but I can only feel roughly that it is in that direction. Moreover, the orientation is not exactly the same each time. Star glass stretched out his finger and pointed to the east. Just knowing that it is the East, even if you want to find the source of this familiarity, you can't find it at all.
Ye Tianxie pondered for a moment, then suddenly sighed softly and said, "Xing Li, do you want to find your past?" "Find your own.." Past Xing Li repeated his words softly. When you came to the land of the Demon God, you had no memory of the past. But very early on, you should know that the power you have over this world class determines your identity, and your past is not simple. You have been in this world for more than ten thousand years, and your strength has been restored, but you can't remember what happened before this world. You really don't want to remember? Don't you feel lost without the past? Ye Tianxie said quietly, throwing away the uncomfortable feeling of the past, he had experienced so deeply. At the beginning, the frequent blank of memory has always been a painful torture for him. Besides, Xingli has completely lost her past. I don't know where I come from, who my parents are, and why I came to this world. Faced with his words, beyond Ye Tianxie's expectation, Xingli's expression was so calm that she shook her head: "When I first came to this world, I was desperately trying to remember my past.." But now, I don't want to remember, not at all. Even, I am afraid that one day I will remember my past. Brother, do you remember. During that time, it was because I remembered the Demons that I left my brother, and it was so painful and struggling. If at that time I can not know anything, there will be no later life of those things, I can always be carefree with my brother. Later, my brother did not blame me, but also brought me back so disobedient, so that I could accompany my brother as before. In this way, I am already a happy person in the world. I'm so scared that if one day I think of the past and have the same thing as before, I.. I Let me like this, can freely accompany the elder brother side,heavy duty metal racking, anything does not need to think, does not have any worry, the heart only has the elder brother a person to be good. Those things that have been thrown away are really not needed. 。 kingmoreracking.com
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