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The Pearl of the Sea Moon (15th Dec 22 at 1:25am UTC)Quote Reply
Back to their own courtyard, pick up the curtain into the house, the sun and other people came up to wait on the sea LanZhu retired cloak, sipped a hot tea, belly of the cool air dissipated a lot, opening way "I also reluctant to part with you, however, you live in me this is really not very convenient, has let someone clean up the courtyard for you, just a few steps away, little her you will like, if what is missing or not satisfied, Don't be polite to me, just say it. With a touch of disappointment in her eyes, she chuckled and said, "How can I not be satisfied with your arrangement?"? When did you let you find fault? My father told me that he wanted to see how you managed the affairs of the house. We had been friends since childhood, and you were not allowed to hide your secrets. "I don't know much about it. There is no such thing as hiding. As long as you don't dislike it, just open your mouth. I hope you can be happy, too." Hai Lanzhu gave a color to Yun Na next to her. Yun Na came forward and said, "Little Jade Gege, you come with the maidservant. The maidservant will take you to settle down first." Her long distance to Liaoyang city, and went to see nurhachi, nature is very tired, took a breath, eyes gush out of the sleepy fog, said apologetically, "sea lanzhu, I go to rest first,digital whiteboard price, wait for me to recover tomorrow, and then tell you in detail, Horqin recently but big change." "Go." Hai Lanzhu nodded, and then she left with Yun Na. Hai Lanzhu relaxed her nervous tension at this time. She leaned back on her chair wearily and rubbed her forehead and asked, "Uma, prepare hot water." "Gege, the maidservant knows that you love to be clean. She has already asked someone to boil hot water. You go to relieve your fatigue first. The maidservant asks someone to prepare dinner." Hai Lanzhu tightened her brows to slow down, and Uma did have a lot less things to do around her. She slowly opened her mouth and said, "The arrangement is more abundant, and Huang Taiji will return to the house later." "The maidservant woke up." Slightly explain a few words to Rina,outdoor digital signage displays, personally pick up Hai Lanzhu, asked in a low voice, "Gege, what happened to the Khan Palace?"? Or did Xiaoyu Gege make a mistake? Originally, Hai Lanzhu was going to repair a bathroom, but the living conditions of Houjin today are really not very good, a lot of things can not be done, she also secretly sighed, no wonder the people of Daming called Tartars barbarians, not to mention the future to move the capital, rest the mind, Shengjing should be better than Liaoyang City, then it is not too late to repair. So although it is a bathroom, in fact, there is a wooden barrel behind the barrier, beside the red lacquer hanger, near the window, there is a beauty couch carved with crabapple flowers in sandalwood. This is in accordance with the request of Hailanzhu. She can lie on it and do some massage to relieve fatigue. Women have to take good care of themselves. It is quite reasonable to say that beauty is easy to grow old. Hai Lanzhu took off her clothes, stepped into the barrel with her white and slender legs, touch screen digital signage ,temperature screening kiosk, immersed half of her body in the hot water, and sighed softly, "It's still so comfortable." Raised his arms to break up the bun, hair like a waterfall down into the water, closed his eyes, Hai Lanzhu let the body continue to sink, leaving only the head exposed above the water, warm water wrapped around her, is so comfortable and safe, as if back to the mother's abdomen. The copper kettle in Uma's hand stopped pouring water and asked in a low voice, "Gege, do you have something on your mind?" Hai Lanzhu did not open her eyes and said softly, "Why do you have such a question?"? Is it that obvious? "The maidservant has been serving you for more than ten years. Although you can't see it on your face, the maidservant knows that you have something on your mind. Look at the appearance of Xiaoyu Gege. Does Khan like her better and let you be wronged?" Uma put down the copper pot, turned behind Hai Lanzhu, combed and cleaned her hair, and whispered, "Gege, there is a big imperial concubine here, and it is right for her to be favored. Don't take it to heart." "Uma, when did I ever care about that?" Hai Lanzhu shook her head gently, opened her watery eyes, and told Uma what had happened today. Uma was surprised and said, "Does Lord Baylor want to accept people?"? This, this can not be good, listen to you say that although there is no one in her family, but in the end is the sister of the imperial concubine, if into the house, gave birth to a son, Gege, the position of Dafujin is not dangerous? "No, Huang Taiji won't. You don't have to scare yourself.".
"Hai Lanzhu floated up and her eyes fell on the screen next to the Mandarin ducks playing in the water. The pair of Mandarin ducks were vivid and inseparable from life and death. She sighed," He won't let the woman who has the chance to become Dafujin wait on him at this time. Not everyone can become Dafujin. Without the background of her mother's family, she can't even give birth to a son. " "In that case, Gege, why do you care?"? From your point of view, Master Baylor will not let Tula into the house. Uma breathed a sigh of relief. Hai Lanzhu stirred the hot water in the barrel and whispered, "Uma, do you understand what is the most important thing for a woman?" Without waiting for Uma's words, Hailanzhu took the porcelain bowl of milk and honey mixed together beside her, slowly smeared it on her body, gently rubbed and pressed it at the acupoints, and answered to herself, "In this era, women should be beautiful, look at their mother's family, look at whether they can give birth to sons, and finally be temperamental. This is the sadness of women." "Hai Lanzhu, I don't think so." After Huang Taiji's deep voice came, Hai Lanzhu opened her eyes wide, and his shadow appeared on the screen. She took a towel and covered her chest. Jiao shouted, "You go out, go out." The Mandarin ducks playing in the water on the screen became clearer at this moment. Huang Taiji laughed loudly and said, "Uma, didn't you hear your master's words? Go out, go out, and don't you listen to your orders?" Chapter 107 Mandarin ducks playing in the water. Huang Taiji's hot eyes let Hai Lanzhu's body slide down and fall into the water again. But the clear hot water and the rising white mist made people daydream even more. Huang Taiji's dark eyes emitted a beast-like light. His Adam's apple moved slightly and he called out in a low voice, "Hai Lanzhu, Hai Lanzhu." Seeing this, Uma took a worried look at Hai Lanzhu and quietly retreated. Huang Taiji approached her slowly. His big hand, covered with thick cocoons,digital signage kiosk, crossed her cheek and extended downward. His breathing was even heavier. Hai Lanzhu got goose bumps on his body. He patted the surface of the water mercilessly. The water splashed and wet Huang Taiji's clothes. He said angrily, "All the slaves outside are dead?"? How can I let you in? Huang Taiji, will you go out? 。 hsdtouch.com
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