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Dressed as a man with a pregnant wife in 1980 (15th Dec 22 at 1:25am UTC)Quote Reply
"Very good, then I want you to help me to beat Siyu, can you?"? And be ruthless. It's better to break one or two arms and legs. Can you do that? Yang Qingqing said, the eyes changed, which is full of dark and vicious. Zhang Junge was stupefied for a long time, did not react to come over, although he has not done any good things in his life, bad things have not done less, but the bad things he did are just bullying, not to the extent that he really maimed people, and if he really did this, he must be found in prison. With his eyes wandering, Zhang Junge asked Yang Qingqing uncertainly, "Qingqing, do you really hate that man so much?"? Do we really have to do this? I can find someone to beat her up, or I can destroy her work, but do I really want to cripple people? Yang Qingqing snorted coldly and stared at Zhang Junge contemptuously. "Just now you said you wouldn't go against my wishes, but now you turn around and forget?"? You didn't help me get through the transfer, and now I let you vent your anger on me, but you're still pushing and shoving? In that case,interactive kiosk price, let's break up. It's not interesting for me to be with you. Zhang Junge was a little ambivalent, but when he saw Yang Qingqing's angry appearance, he was reluctant to part with him. After all, Yang Qingqing was like a dream for him. He was born very ugly. He hoped to find a beautiful girlfriend since he was a child. He didn't want this dream to wake up now. Determined not to break up with Yang Qingqing, Zhang Junge said: "OK, you leave this matter to me, I promise to give you a satisfactory answer." Yang Qingqing finally laughed. "I knew you would do something for me. I'm very happy." Zhang Junge looked at Yang Qingqing smile, also followed the smile,face detection android, showing a row of uneven teeth, small eyes can not see, only two seams hanging on the face. At this time, Siyu is not in charge of Yang Qingqing's affairs. She and Mu Junming have been officially together, but for such a long time, Mu Junming has been taking the initiative. However, feelings are two people's affairs. Mu Junming has given enough. He has a clear understanding of Siyu's heart. So for such a man, Siyu has nothing to give. Holding the brown and yellow passbook, Siyu first booked the best hotel in Beijing. When Mu Junming arrived, Siyu was already sitting down and waiting for him. The single room is very quiet, with soft piano music playing inside, and the whole atmosphere is romantic. Mu Junming sat down and said a little puzzled, "Why don't we have a date in our own restaurant?" "Are we on a date?" Siyu chuckled. Of course Mu Junming also has a light smile on his face. He now smiles a lot more than before in front of Siyu. Occasionally, he can even make a joke or two. In short, face recognition identification kiosk ,temperature check kiosk, this ice-like man has completely melted in front of Siyu, which is warm and reassuring. Since it's a date, of course, it's more enjoyable for us to be served by others. Siyu poured a cup of tea for Mu Junming and said. That's right. Mu Junming agreed. By the way, Pingping and Ann will have a holiday tomorrow. Are you going to let them do something during the summer vacation? Mu Junming thought for a moment and said, "I wanted our family to go to the seaside, but if the water is too small, I'm afraid she can't stand it, so I'll stay in Beijing this summer vacation. If I have extra money next year, I'll buy a car, and then I'll take you around. The trains in this era are too crowded, and a few children suffer too much on them." Mu Junming leisurely drank tea, said his own ideas, Siyu also admitted that he had a point, "but Pingping, Ann seems to want to learn painting, so I'm going to give them a summer class." "Yes, they both like painting. When I went to pick them up that day, the teacher told me that someone wanted to buy flowers for two children, saying that it was 50 yuan for a painting." "Fifty?"? Not bad. Our kids are only five years old and we can make money like this? Are we particularly good at educating children? Siyu couldn't help smiling. But I didn't agree. They were still young, and our family was not short of money. I was going to keep all their paintings at this time. I think so, too.
” Two people said a lot of words again, just began to have a meal, in the process of having a meal, two people are also three children in the mouth, until almost finished the meal, Si Yu just remembered what to ask: "We are not dating, why have been talking about them three?" Mu Junming is also somewhat helpless, now he and Siyu are also around the three children in the circle, especially yesterday if the water is still a little diarrhea, he and Siyu changed to take care of her, did not sleep in the middle of the night. Today if the water has been a lot better, Xiuyun looked at the child, they can come out to date, but two people as parents, the words will always have a few children. Do you remember what day it is? Siyu put down his chopsticks and asked Mu Junming with a light smile. Mu Junming thought for a moment and then remembered: "My birthday?" "Yes, your birthday in this world. I don't know when your birthday is in the real world, so it's today." "Today is also my birthday in the real world, June 29." Mu Junming's lips slightly raised a small arc, but Siyu knew that his heart should have blossomed at the moment. Happy birthday, honey. Siyu raised the teacup in his hand and said. Mu Junming also raised his teacup and touched Siyu's teacup. "Thank you." With a little mystery, Si Yu asked Mu Junming with a smile, "Guess what gift I prepared for you." Mu Junming looked at Si Yu carefully and thought for a long time. He could only shake his head and said, "I can't guess." Siyu stood up proudly, then waved his big hand and patted a passbook in front of Mu Junming: "Four hundred and fifty thousand,touch screen kiosk, all my assets are given to you now. Remember to pay back the money well." Mu Junming couldn't believe he looked at Si Yu: "Four hundred and fifty thousand?"? So much? What kind of loan did you use? "I now have two quadrangles, three bungalows and a decoration company. Mr. Mu, I am a super rich woman. Remember to treat me well. Be careful that I dump you and go to find a small white face." 。 hsdtouch.com
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