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Picturesque landscape (published book) - Posted By miller (miller) on 5th Dec 22 at 7:16am
Under the moonlight, the man was wearing black clothes and brocade belts, and the beautiful jade on his waist was shining under the moon. His behavior was elegant and gentle. He was smiling, but people dared not approach him easily, as if he was afraid of desecrating his almost perfect perfection. Hua Wuduo stared at Childe Qi, who was coming under the moon, and suddenly thought of four words: Childe Ruyu. Just when Hua Wuduo was in a daze, Childe Qi had already come near and mysteriously took out something and put it in front of her eyes, a chicken leg shining in the moonlight. Hua Wuduo couldn't speak for a moment. "What's the matter?" Asked Childe Qi. Hua Wuduo frowned and said, "Why does everyone like to steal chicken legs?" Hearing this, Childe Qi looked at the chicken leg and then at the chicken bone at the foot of Hua Wuduo. After thinking about it, she understood. She couldn't help laughing and said, "This is good to take out." "But I've already eaten two." Flowers don't frown much. Childe Qi laughed and said, "Then I won't eat. I'm just worried that you're still hungry." Hua Wuduo took the drumstick, bit it slowly, and asked, "Are you all worried that I'm hungry?" Childe Qi approached a few minutes and whispered, "We all miss you very much." Chicken Legs See Chicken Legs Again (2) After Hua Wuduo was stunned, Na Na could not speak, and the drumsticks could not be eaten any more. "Why do you look so dull?" Asked Childe Qi? It's a pity that I have made such a sensational remark. Hua Wuduo's original touching disappeared all of a sudden, and his red eyes disappeared, leaving only the contempt and disgust of staring at Childe Qi. Seeing this, Childe Qi burst out laughing and knocked her on the forehead. Because the speed was too fast, she could not escape. She was hit by him. Just as she was about to have an attack, she heard Childe Qi chuckling: "You are still the same as before. It's really good." Then,Magnesium Oxide powder, with a smile on his face, he turned and walked away. Until his figure disappeared in the line of sight, the flower did not come to his senses, looking at the chicken legs in his hands, his heart was entangled, even ate two chicken legs, the hands of this has been unable to eat, but at the moment he was reluctant to throw away, he hid the chicken legs in his sleeve,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, a person slowly walked back. I don't know when the music of string and bamboo in the garden stopped. Quietly, there was only the light sound of her stepping on the withered leaves. Thinking of the words of Childe Qi just now, she stepped slightly and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. She didn't know who she was uncomfortable with and what she was uncomfortable with. In short, a strange, inexplicable sour and astringent feeling filled her chest, which made her breathe a little hard. Just heard Childe Qi said they miss her when already moved to cry, if not Childe Qi later that sentence, she will cry out. Immersed in her thoughts, she walked slowly into the garden. As soon as she entered, a loud noise exploded in her ears, scaring her, "Ah!" There was a cry of surprise. What was that? Thinking of this, she suddenly looked up at the field and saw silence all around. Everyone looked at her at this time because of her sudden cry of surprise. Then she heard a patter and an object fell from her sleeve to the ground. Hua Wuduo looked down and saw a shiny chicken leg lying at her feet. They followed her gaze and saw the chicken legs lying at her feet under her sleeves. When Hua Wuduo came in, a group of dancers dressed in bold clothes came into the garden to perform inspiration, and the loud noise just now was just the beginning of the dance. But because of the surprised voice of Hua Wuduo and the rising of the dancer in the field pointing to her direction, Hua Wuduo, who had just entered from the side door, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, became the eyes of everyone again. When it was silent, everyone heard a patter, as if something had fallen to the ground. Suddenly, Hua Wuduo looked down and saw the shiny chicken leg at his feet. The crowd naturally saw it clearly. Here are some young childe, and all drank some wine, see burst into laughter, some frivolous such as childe is laughing straight on the table, is about to dance drum dance girl did not see the chicken legs, see the people laugh some unknown, think where they made a mistake to provoke the people laugh, but after all, well-trained, still according to the drum to jump up, the dancers dressed in bold, The passion of the dance is bold and unrestrained, the posture is sultry, unfortunately, a dance that should have made the childe's blood boil, but it was eclipsed by the sudden appearance of servant girls and chicken legs.
Li She looked at this scene lightly, the corners of her mouth overflowed with a wry smile, and she secretly said that no matter what her identity, appearance, and environment, she could always easily become the focus of attention. From the beginning of Jiangling, her casual behavior will affect his heart, seems to be some innocent and seem to be indifferent, seems to be some helpless and some disdain, sometimes like the breeze is easy to ignore, sometimes like a flash in the pan is amazing and intoxicated, she has been so special, aware of what she thinks in her heart, can not help but have a palpitation, the eyes no longer look at flowers. At this moment, everyone looked at the servant girl at the door, but the servant girl looked at the chicken legs as if she was reluctant and hesitant. Just when someone suspected that she might pick it up, Li Kan stood up from his seat and walked step by step to Hua Wuduo. He handed over a chicken leg and calmly said, "That's gone. Eat this." Looking at the drumstick in Li Kan's hand, Hua Wuduo felt a surge of gratitude in his heart. Knowing that Li Kan intended to rescue her, he could not refuse to attract the attention of others. Without hesitation, he reached out his hand and took the drumstick. He gave a slight salute and said, "Thank you, Master." Li Kan smiled and nodded, did not say much, and turned back to his seat. Li Kan is also half the host of the banquet, since the host rewarded the drumstick, they will no longer have a joke to see. The servant girl took the chicken leg and stood behind Tang Ye. Because of Tang Ye's identity, no one dared to say anything more, but he could not help looking at her a few more times, and saw that the servant girl hid the drumstick in her sleeve again, with a faint look, and gradually gave up without much interest. Li She restrained her mind and looked at Song Zixing, but saw that Song Zixing's eyes were not focused on her, but on the encouragement of the dancer in the field. The dancers in the field continued to dance, drumsticks were tied with red silk and satin, and the dancers'figures were provocative and their movements were wild,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, which gradually attracted people's attention. The dancer stepped down gradually after the dance. Then someone sighed during the banquet: "This dance reminds me of the long silk wine dance in Jiangling, which I will never forget." The person who said this is the prince Liu Jin, his eyes are looking at the side of Wu Jian. stargrace-magnesite.com