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Rubber Sheet in stock - Posted By Panyuxi02 (Panyuxi02) on 17th Feb 23 at 1:47am
Rubber Sheet in stock The product description of rubber sheet
According to the use of rubber sheet can be divided into livestock rubber sheet and ordinary rubber sheet. Widely used in farms, main rubber piggery pad, sow mattress, small piglet nursery pad, pig farm heating plate which can play a role in anti-slip, anti-moisture, shock absorption and heat preservation, while high tear resistance, high wear resistance, antibacterial, and easy to clean. The company uses unique production technology and rubber formula in the production process, so that the harmful substances in the rubber plate can be effectively volatilized in the production process, so the rubber plate is non-toxic, tasteless, more environmentally friendly, more suitable for farm use.
Materia of rubber sheet l: produced by high quality rubber
Features of rubber sheet: waterproof, anti-skid, anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, shock absorption, anti-aging.
Technical parameters
1 Dimple cow rubber mat
Back surfaceSmooth or cloth wave or ribbed
Top surfaceDimple pattern
InsertionCloth or nylon or EP100
2 Round peas cow rubber mat
Back surfacewide ribbed
Top surfaceRound peas
3 Horse rubber mat
ColorBlack, white, red, green, etc
Back surfaceSmooth or cloth wave
Top surfaceOrange peel
A brief introduction to the quality of rubber conveyor belt:
1. First of all, look at the rubber surface of the rubber conveyor belt. The good rubber surface of the rubber conveyor belt should be smooth, without bubbles, ditches, dry scars and other phenomena.
2. Finger pressure method: pinch the rubber surface with nails. with high rubber content will not be pinched or broken, and the pinching mark will be restored in 3-5 seconds.
3. Odor method: the rubber conveyor belt with high rubber content is not a choking nose, light odor, with high recycled rubber would have a very choking smell.Rubber Sheet in stock