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A strong man in Wulin (15th Dec 22 at 1:21am UTC)Quote Reply
There are many times in Shen Shentong's mind when he doesn't think about Ma Yuyi and his youngest son at all, but desperately thinks about He Tong, his face, his smile, his voice, and his actions. Trying to remember everything he ever said. Even rude words and dirty words are trying to find out from memory one by one. He seemed to be a little confused, but he seemed to be thinking seriously, and sometimes he muttered to himself. The sun rises and sets. He did not know how many days he had forgotten to think about it! The sparrow remembers it clearly. Since Shen Shentong, Zhu Shen, Sima Wuying, Feng Dangshi and Ran Hua, plus Wudang Chi Taoist and Hu Shuo Monk left. She was locked up by the chicken mother-in-law for five days at a stretch. Only later the chicken mother-in-law wanted to refine the medicine, so she had to release the sparrow to help. Because of her secret medicine, she used to be an assistant of a girl named Yulian. But when the sparrow was twelve years old and could do a lot of things, Yulian suddenly disappeared. Since then, sparrows have been helping. In addition to refining medicine, there is also pressure from the three masters, Gu Mercy, Wu Xiaoxiao, and yuan Yue. The three of them have become the "elders" of Dajiangtang. They have "rice" to eat every day (there is medicine in the rice), wine, women,silk cherry blossom tree, silver and so on. But they wanted to see the sparrow every day, so the chicken mother-in-law had to let her out for the old men to see. It's just that they can't see any conclusion after looking at it for several days. In other words, no one can be sure that he is the father of the sparrow. Yan Wen also wanted to see sparrows, and the meaning of his "see" was of course much more complicated than that of Gu, Wu, and yuan. If you walk around in Yan Fu, it is impossible not to let Yan Wen "see". Therefore, at noon that day,outdoor palm trees, when the sparrow was walking slowly and heavily in the garden, it was suddenly stopped by Yan Wen and taken to a room behind the study. The room was also quite spacious, covered with thick and soft carpets, and there was a big bed in the right corner, but the brocade curtain hung deep and I didn't know if anyone was there? But if this bed belongs to Yan Wen, since Yan Wen is not on the bed, of course there is no one in the bed. Yan Wen grabbed the sparrows and sat on the carpet together. He felt a little strange, because the sparrows would only chuckle and their eyes were slightly scattered, as if they didn't know where they were. But when Yan Wen talked to her, she would answer. I miss you so much. How about you? Have you ever thought about me? "Oh, brother Wen," said the sparrow, "I hate you, but I miss you day and night.." Yan Wen laughed. The hate in a girl's mouth is actually love, and he doesn't know it yet. Laughing, silk olive tree ,decorative palm trees, he laid her down flat and took off all her clothes. Although her skin is fair, her figure is concave and convex, and she is very sexy, but there is no beauty who can compete with her. In fact, Yan Wen has seen a lot. But how could this girl turn him on and make him a man again? Why can't other beauties? When Yan Wen tried his best to gallop on her body, the sparrow made a sound of ecstasy. Everyone's voice is different, so every man who hears it reacts differently, but this is not Yan Wen, because Yan Wen doesn't have to wait for her voice, but another man who pushes aside the curtain and jumps out of the big bed. The man was young and had nothing on him, so his desires could be seen by anyone. Yan Wen was suddenly stupefied and said, "Tao Zhengzheng, have you slept enough?" The young man turned out to be Tao Zhengzheng, a man with a human face and a beast's heart. He smiled and said, "No, I didn't get enough sleep. I was so tired when I came back from Wushan in Sichuan.". "Well, I'm not really tired. It's just a trip in vain. I can't find anyone, so I feel very tired." Yan Wen got up slowly. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw that the sparrow's eyes were still shining with lust. He sighed and said, "What are you trying to say?"? Tao, it's not that you don't know. I'll listen to you whatever you want me to do. I'll never dare to say no. His voice was softer than any girl's. Tao Zhengzheng laughed and said, "I was woken up by you. Who is this little girl?"? It must be the sparrow you can't forget? "Yes." "It's really good.". I hope you will marry her.
You should have a proper wife, don't you think? Yan Wen shook his head and said, "I can't do it even if I want to, because Granny Chicken won't.". I don't understand why. Tao Zhengzhi patted his chest and said, "It's on me." He had approached the sparrow, crouched down and reached out to touch her tall, plump breasts, a little sweat on her white, greasy, tight skin. Although she consumed a lot of energy, as soon as Tao Zhengzheng's hand touched her body, she immediately reacted, like a long-hungry resentful woman, with her eyes, movements and every inch of her body bursting with the light and heat of lust. Tao Zhengzheng is not polite at all, and if he doesn't ask for Yan Wen's consent, he will fall on her. Yan Wen was able to close his eyes for a moment. The reason why he woke up was that Tao Zhengzheng pushed him. Tao Zhengzheng way: "Get up and see what's going on." As soon as I saw it, I found that something was wrong with the sparrow. Because her eyes were still lustful, her whole body was sweaty and panting, and her face looked a little obsessed. Tao Zhengzheng said with a wry smile, "I have been with her for nearly an hour, and I know she should be extremely satisfied.". But you see, her appearance and posture are not enough. There must be something strange in it. Yan Wen was not surprised at all. Of course there are oddities. She had already taken a drug when she came. Tao Zhengzheng breathed a sigh of relief on the one hand. On the other hand, she was greatly puzzled that the sparrow was not only not a woman from outside, but even had a special status because of the protection of the wings of the "chicken mother-in-law". How could she take a strange medicine that must be an aphrodisiac? Was she taking it by herself or was she forced to do so? Was it possible to be forced to do so in Yanwen Mansion? "There are countless medicines in the chicken mother-in-law's residence, and the sparrow must have got them from her, but I just don't understand why she stole this aphrodisiac called'spring all over the world '?" "If you don't know, I don't know,fake ficus tree," said Tao Zhengzheng. But anyway, it's better to find a way to get rid of the medicinal properties first. Yan Wen chuckled and said, "It's not difficult. I have the antidote." 。 hacartificialtree.com
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