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The Angel Who Seizes the President's Love (21st Dec 22 at 5:39am UTC)Quote Reply
Taking off his coat, the business card named Dongge slipped out of his pocket just now. He picked it up and looked at it, "Qiu Rundong, chairman of Donghua Trading Company!" It seems that the man has a lot of background. Fei smiled coldly. This man must be full and have nothing to do. He threw his business card aside, took advantage of the alcohol attack and fell into a deep sleep. Day, it's dawn. Bai Shiming has not come back, it seems that he is still working overtime in the company! Fei patted his head, which still hurt a little, and went out of the room, ready to wash and go to work. However, when he came out of the room, the scene in the room made his head blindfolded, his eyes black, and he was about to faint on the ground. Mom Fei's mother took a sheet and hanged herself in the living room. On one side of the table, a letter and two insurance agreements were left. Ming, Fei, when you read this letter, I have already left this world. Please forgive me! I had to leave you, because I couldn't find any place to raise money. Your father and I bought insurance before we died. If we died, you could get a million yuan insurance in six months. I left, the most can not let go, is to fly, he does not like to talk, do not like contact with people, no diploma, I am really afraid that he can not survive in this world. Ming, you must take good care of your brother, he is your only family in the world! When I leave, I will watch you with your father in the sky, mom! Holding the paper in your hand, you can still feel its moisture. Fei sat down on the ground, trembling, took out his cell phone from his purse, and made a phone call to Bai Shiming. When Bai Shiming arrived home, the two brothers cried in each other's arms. Is money more important than anything else? Fei and Ming took down their mother's body and put it gently on the ground. The two brothers knelt in front of her, and for a whole day, neither of them spoke, but let the tears dry and flow, flow and dry. A sixteen years old, Narrow aisle rack , a twenty-one years old, two people you rely on me, I rely on you, fly tightly put his head in the arms of Bai Shiming. His elder brother was like his father. Bai Shiming wiped away his tears and held Fei in his arms. There are only two of them left in the world. Brother, what should we do? "Cremate Mom's body and let's get out of here!" Bai Shiming's mind has never been so clear. After listening to Bai Shiming's words, the two men found a cart to drag their mother's body to the crematorium by hand the next morning. Sir, please! The two men knelt in front of the funeral home manager. The only two thousand yuan they had on them was not enough to cremate their mother. It's not that I don't promise you, it's just that it's a rule! Two young men, you might as well freeze the body first, and then cremate it when you get the money! However, there is a freezing fee for freezing! You The staff of the funeral parlor looked at Fei and Ming and shook their heads helplessly. I'll borrow some money from the boss again! Bai Shiming stood up and left the funeral parlor to guard his mother's body, and then quickly left the funeral parlor. Elder Brother Looking at the departure of Bai Shiming, Fei felt cold all over, what should he do? After thinking for a while, he handed over his mother's body to the funeral home, ran home, and found the discarded business card at the foot of the bed. Fanwai Fanwai: Flying Young Master 3 "I'm finally waiting for you!" In an upscale villa area in Hong Kong, Dongge smoked a cigar and looked at the flummoxed flying standing in front of him. Why are you helping me? Although he knew that he had come to ask for help, he did not easily lower his status. I want to take you as my godson! Brother Dong patted Fei on the shoulder and asked him to relax and sit on the sofa. Fei heard what he said and looked at him questioningly. You look like me when I was a kid! Brother Dong asked someone to pour a cup of coffee, came forward and took Fei's hand kindly, and sat down on the sofa. Fei pulled out the hand he was holding. I want to make a deal with you! Brother Dong laughed boldly. What deal? "I'll exchange my things with you for thirty thousand yuan!" Fei calculated, thirty thousand yuan, mother's funeral expenses are almost enough. Brother Dong raised his eyebrows. Thirty thousand yuan is not much, but for a child, it is a sum of money.
"What do you want this money for?" Fei did not speak. He bit his lower lip hard and stared at Dongge with a pair of silver-gray sad eyes. Do I want anything on you? Brother Dong's tone also began to become cynical. He turned his back to Fei and dared not look into his eyes for fear that he would see that he was playing with him. Yeah! Fei nodded his head seriously. In the heart, also secretly exhaled a breath. As long as he can agree to the exchange, the funeral expenses will be paid. I want you to be my godson! Brother Dong said it directly. Apart from this, I can promise anything else! Fei refused, in his heart, there will always be only one pair of parents. No one can replace his parents in his heart. East elder brother looked at the appearance of flying, he has been down and out like this, but also to maintain their self-esteem, neither humble nor arrogant. He wants to see how long he can hold out. If you don't agree, I can't help you! Fei looked at Brother Dong, but he didn't give in at all. Fei turned and was about to walk out of the door. Brother Dong waved to his subordinates, and several of them stopped Fei. Let me go! Fei wrestled with several bodyguards. Fei's stubbornness made Dongge frown. This broken child is really a cow temper! All right, I give in! Fifty thousand yuan for your leg! "Good!" Fei looked at his slender leg and pinched it, which was very painful. But he was cruel at the thought of fifty thousand yuan to take. Get the knife! "No!" Brother Dong could not help shaking his head when he saw the real flying. He took out a pile of letter paper from the drawer, wrote the contract on it, and handed it to Fei. I can't see blood! You can sign this agreement first, deposit your leg with me first, you take fifty thousand yuan, three days later at this time, you come here to find me! Fulfill your promise. Fei didn't think much about it, so he stepped forward and signed his name after reading the treaty. Aren't you afraid I'll run away? Fei looked at Dongge and didn't believe he would be so generous. omracking.com
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