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Princess Sound Moves the World (21st Dec 22 at 5:37am UTC)Quote Reply
"Well, he saved you, he saved you." The doctor didn't want to make trouble with them any more, or he didn't know what the cold prince was going to do later, but he said, "But you won't send the beads back. If you really want to send them, it's not too late to send them after you take the beads to Jianshan." "Master, what you said this time is finally reasonable!" Meng Lihe nodded and turned to Yuwen Che and said, "Wang Ye, I also think what Shifu said is reasonable. Besides, this bead has been on me for a long time, and it's not bad for a day or two. Why don't we take the score back first?" "I'll get the score by myself. You can go back with the master." Yu Wenche still did not relent, but Meng Lihe was anxious: "No, I want to find it in person." Yu Wenche frowned and looked at Meng Lihe, but saw her eyes firm and staring at him as well. Two people's eyes, are very firm, there is no meaning of retreat. By the side, the poem rhyme feels finally this appearance is no good, then weakly opens the mouth to the miraculous doctor: "miraculous doctor, excuse me that mountain besides the insect, also has any other danger?" The miraculous doctor thought for a moment, "That's not true,Pallet rack supplier, because the insects are so rampant that even wild animals can't survive, so there are neither the organs on the mountain nor the tigers and wild animals.". No one will be foolish enough to go there, so as long as the insects are not close, there should be no problem. Hearing this, Meng Lihe's eyes became more firm. Yuwen Che frowned more tightly. The doctor laughed secretly and finally decided to do a good thing. I said, disciple, if I were you, I would take her there. Why don't you take advantage of such a good thing? Yu Wenche looked at the miraculous doctor in puzzlement: "What do you mean?" The miraculous healer smiled and said, "Let me tell you,pipe cantilever rack, if this bead is on anyone, the insect will not dare to enter his body. But if you want the insect not to enter two people's bodies, there is another way." "What way?" Meng Lihe is obviously very anxious, she just even thought, whether to go alone, this heard that two people can go, immediately happy. Miraculous doctor sold a long time, finally said: "You two all the way hand in hand on the line, of course, can also hug, or … …" Hey, anyway, as long as there is physical contact, the beads will cover the breath of both of you. As soon as the words came out, neither Yu Wenche nor Meng Lihe thought of the answer. Suddenly two people were stunned together. It's just that two people's minds are completely different. Yu Wenche thought that this idea was good, radio shuttle racking ,Industrial pallet rack, if Feng Yechen knew that the beads he sent would instead facilitate his contact with Meng Lihe, I do not know how to feel. But Meng Lihe felt that his master must have made a mistake, and that he was simply an old man who was not serious. So originally also intended to escort the doctor then rushed back to protect Wang Ye, the princess of Shiyun and Ouyang Zhen, at this time the tacit understanding of a glance will no longer mention. Even the poem rhyme also specially said: "That Wang Ye, the princess, you hurry to go, we two escort the miraculous doctor is good." The miraculous doctor had no objection. Although he liked to play, he didn't want to be a light bulb for the young couple. Yu Wenche naturally had no objection, but Meng Lihe was beating drums in his heart. Because she had just made a decision before, when she was alone with Yu Wenche, she would express her love to him! By this time, Yu Wenche had stretched out a hand, grabbed her hand and said, "Let's go." After that, she ignored her reaction and dragged her away. Tut, tut. The miraculous doctor looked at his disciple and followed him with a red face. He could not even take a good step. He simply felt that he did not live up to expectations. And let you hold hands. Can't you hold hands in the mountains? Do you have to be here on purpose to show him this lonely old man? That's too much! Chapter 259 who confesses? "What's the matter?" There is a long way to go out, Yu Wen Che just reacted to come over, Meng Lihe seems to have something wrong. On weekdays, with Meng Lihe's character, she is definitely not idle. It is reasonable to say that after walking such a long way, she should either be happy or impatient. In short, she should not have said a word for so long.
"No.." Nothing? Meng Lihe was Yu Wenche suddenly so a question, inexplicably some guilty. Because she's been struggling all the way. To confess or not to confess? Now or later? A little serious or casual? If it's too serious, will it be too embarrassing to be rejected? If it seems casual, will it appear that you are not serious enough? Meng Lihe had been driven mad by his difficulty in choosing, but Yu Wenche asked such a question. So she blushed and could only answer like this. Yu Wenche, however, frowned. Looking carefully at Meng Lihe from the beginning, until he saw her feet, Yu Wenche suddenly squatted down as if he had realized something. Do your feet hurt? Yu Wenche pulled her aside and sat down. No, it's okay. Meng Lihe shrank his feet subconsciously. Her feet, after a day and a night of running around, went up the mountain to seek medical treatment without any rest, and they were indeed worn out with blood. But last night she had secretly asked the doctor for a lot of panaceas. So this is, in fact, really not very painful. However, Yu Wenche was not unaware of what she had done. That day in the carriage, he was half confused and half sober, even if he heard that day is not comprehensive enough, last night and Ouyang Zhen asked, also know clearly. So now, I only blame myself for my negligence, and I even pulled her to walk so far. In fact, his condition is not much better than Meng Lihe, he did not forget the night before, he had intended to confess. Now, although the middle experienced twists and turns, but this idea, but did not disappear,Cantilever Storage rack, but now feel more intense up. Especially holding that soft as boneless little hand, has let him frequently mind. However, he always felt that it was not formal enough to express his thoughts while walking. omracking.com
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