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Demons (21st Dec 22 at 5:34am UTC)Quote Reply
The atmosphere around more and more strange, even Chu an also has this kind of feeling, the body can not help but rickets up. How long will the lonely boat drift on a foggy night? Drift to where? ? The lights gradually dimmed. It should have been half an hour. The boat was still drifting in the thick fog. The moon never appeared again, and Chu Qinghou could not grasp the direction all the time. He had tried to row the boat in several different directions, but the result was the same. He could neither reach the shore nor stop the endless movement. He suddenly had a feeling that he was far away from the land, but he did not know that he was not around? Or is it the influence of the air? 。 This feeling is getting sharper and sharper. The air is getting fresher and fresher, with a faint fishy smell. Not the smell of blood, Chu light Hou can be sure. The wind is getting stronger, the lights are trembling, and the white fog around them is constantly changing, which is not like fog at all. The wind was suddenly urgent again, and the clothes of the master and servant of the light Marquis of Chu were flying, and the lantern suddenly went out in the strong wind! The surroundings are dark and suddenly bright. The fog moved like a galloping horse in a strong wind, and ran away from the boat in the strong wind. The boat came out through the fog, and a touch of moonlight fell at the same time. Pale moonlight, is so cold, only to see a bright moon, is hollow. Of course, the moon is still the same moon, but Chu Qinghou has a different feeling. Is it because of the thick fog? He wasn't sure. However, I feel that this bright moon seems to be quite different from what I see on weekdays. Chuan suddenly let out an exclamation. That is from the heart of the exclamation, Chu light Hou also has this impulse, although he did not exclaim out, that kind of surprise is not under Chu An. Around them,Pallet rack beams, there should be a mountain village, but now there is nothing, there is water as far as the eye can see, and their boat has gone out to sea. At that moment, the white fog like a galloping horse was far away from them. Chu Qinghou turned his eyes and said, "Where there is fog, there is land. Let's row back!" He immediately took the bamboo pole from Chu An's hand. Before the pole had fallen, there was no white fog there. The water and the sky were the same color, and he did not know how far away it was. Chu Qinghou couldn't help smiling bitterly. "Childe,warehouse rack manufacturer," Chu An looked at it and felt a chill from the bottom of his heart. "How did we get to the sea?" He asked. "I don't know." Chu Qinghou shook his head. He felt that the boat was not moving fast, and even if it was downstream, it was impossible to drift out to sea. "What should I do?" Chu-an seemed to lose his mind. Chu Qinghou still said the same thing: "Row back!" He swung the bamboo pole and the boat turned around. The sea is boundless, the moonlight is misty, that Ye Xiaozhou looks especially thin under this kind of environment. But calm, to row back, there should be no problem, the fog should also be where the land is. The Marquis of Chu looked in the right direction, and as soon as the pole fell, the boat shot like an arrow into the fog. At that moment, Chu An exclaimed again, "Look!" Pointing to the bright moon in the sky, Chu Qinghou looked at it and saw black clouds emerging around the moon, which came from nowhere and gradually approached the bright moon. The sea, which was originally calm, also changed at this time. Thousands of white waves appeared and disappeared silently, Steel racking system ,heavy duty racking system, just like thousands of sea snakes, writhing in the water. "Not good!" Chu Qinghou finally exclaimed. Chu An hurriedly asked, "What's wrong, sir?" He even changed his voice. "I'm afraid a storm is coming." Chu's face was livid. When Liu Jue appeared, his face was not so ugly, because although he knew how strong Liu Jue's martial arts were, he still had the heart to win, just like every strong enemy. Now he doesn't even have half a chance to win, because what he has to deal with is not man, but heaven! Words just export, the moon has disappeared in the dark clouds, but the sky is still there, Chu Qinghou saw the rolling clouds, also can see the surging sea water, even raindrops can be seen! The strong wind blew, the raindrops as big as beans fell, and the silent sea suddenly sounded. The rainstorm immediately hit down like a random stick! The boat began to bump and settle down. The veins of Chu Qinghou's hands holding the bamboo pole stood out like earthworms. He wanted to stabilize the boat, but he was powerless. Chu An had knelt down on the boat, and their clothes were quickly soaked through.
Suddenly there was a sudden light around, and a flash of lightning flashed in the air like a silver snake! With the sound of thunder, the wind and rain became heavier, and the boat began to spin in the waves like a dead leaf. "Childe!" Chu An screamed, clutching the side of the boat with both hands and looking desperately at the Marquis of Chu. Chu Qinghou also felt despair. The storm was terrible, and they were now in the middle of the sea. The thunderbolt roared, the silver snake flew, the wind was like a knife, the rain was like a sword, and the waves were getting bigger and bigger in the wind and rain! The whole sea has completely changed shape, huge waves, like countless peaks, suddenly erected, and collapsed in an instant! Hundreds of times, the boat was swelled up by huge waves for half a day, and then fell down. Chu Qinghou's master and servant seemed to be wandering on the edge of hell, surrounded by waves. Hundreds of times they were about to be swallowed up by the waves, but the boat always fell. Chu An kept screaming at the beginning, and now he was hoarse. Chu Qinghou grabbed Chu An with one hand and the side of the boat with the other. The bamboo pole had been lost! He only said that he would die, and that it was impossible for such a small boat to be submerged in the stormy sea. But up to now, it is still lost. This is nothing short of a miracle. The storm finally stopped. The boat was still floating on the sea, but the master and servant of Chu Qinghou were exhausted and lying on their backs in the boat like a corpse. There was no moon in the sky, no stars, an endless darkness, and the boat was surrounded by waves. The sound of the waves, some far away, some near, Chu Qinghou listened, a pair of eyes wide open, although tired, but there is no sleepiness. Neither did Chuan, who really wished he could fall asleep, which would at least make him feel better. They did not make a sound, the fact did not want to say anything, I do not know how long,Pallet rack upright, Chu Qinghou first climbed up from the boat, is really climbing up. Chu An immediately reacted and struggled to get up with his hands on the side of the boat. "What is this place?" He asked in a hoarse, unintelligible voice. omracking.com
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