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Saint of the God of Gamblers Reborn (21st Dec 22 at 5:30am UTC)Quote Reply
"All right, everybody stand up, now there are ten pairs, the remaining ten people, you come with me!" The guide took the ten people to a long table with ten cups of coke on it, and everyone guessed the purpose of the guide. Zhou Yuning also likes to drink coke at ordinary times, but I don't know if there is any seasoning added to this cup of coke today. It must be terrible. As I said just now, it is inhuman punishment. It seems that this tour guide is sent by God to torture everyone. I didn't expect that there are so many people who are afraid of punishment. In fact, there are several pairs of people who are the latter combination. What's the use of thinking about it now? Who let his mind choose Sun Hai? He wanted to snub Luo Mengjia and see how she was punished, but now he punished himself. If you want to blame Sun Hai for changing his mind temporarily, he is really a person who is not firm in his position. He has promised himself, but he has gone back on his word. Now he can only admit it. It's useless to say anything else. Did you all see the coke in front of you? Do you all like coke? The tour guide first made a foreshadowing for everyone, and then asked the boy next to him if he liked to drink coke. The boy gave a very positive answer with a smile on his face, as if the punishment was not so terrible. Do you know what today's punishment is? The tour guide began to ask the next question. Drink coke! The boy answered in a particularly loud voice, like the man who used to shout loudly at the top of the stairs. Yes,Warehouse storage racks, Zhou Yu would rather remember the voice quite clearly. Unexpectedly, this young man answered quite simply. Yes, today's punishment is to drink cola. But I have a condition. Drinking cola can't be so dry. Since it's punishment, it's necessary to have some stimulation. I think you must have seen the way of drinking cola with seasoning on TV. Of course, there are many kinds of seasoning,Drive in racking system, and everyone's preferences are different. Some people like sour, some like sweet, some like bitter, some people like spicy, well, you can write your favorite taste on the front of the note, and then recite it! The tour guide asked everyone to write their favorite taste in the note on the table. Is it possible to mix this cup of coke for themselves according to this taste. But in this way, isn't the problem much simpler? Like to eat sweet ah, so you can add sugar, at least this can be swallowed ah, so Zhou Yuning wrote sweet on the note, Narrow aisle rack ,heavy duty warehouse rack, and then back over. At the moment when the note was made public, I found that everyone wanted to go together. Everyone chose sweet taste. It seems that there are many people who like sweet food, but the problem is far from simple. How can Miss Tour Guide let everyone go so easily? Unexpectedly, everyone's unanimous answer to this punishment today is sweet. It seems that you are really going to be sweet today. You have to drink all the coke in front of you. You can't swallow it. You have to spit it into other people's cups, and then drink the coke that others spit out! As soon as the tour guide finished, there was a girl next to him who was so sick. I didn't expect the tour guide to make such a bad move. Who could drink it? It was possible if he loved someone, but it was all strangers. Who could drink it? Can you stop drinking coke and change someone else's punishment? The girl was so scared that her face turned white. When she thought that the boy's saliva was mixed into the coke, and then she had to drink it again, she felt sick to her stomach. I didn't think it was really inhuman punishment. Yes, of course you don't have to drink. Then you can choose a person and express your love loudly! Speak for 30 seconds! This punishment is still relatively easy to accept, compared to the punishment just now, this punishment is very easy to do. The girl searched in the crowd, and then began to express her love to a boy. Unexpectedly, the tour guide really kept time. The girl was also very talkative. It was easy to pass in 30 seconds. Then the two of them walked to the side hand in hand. It seemed that the punishment passed easily.
So everyone followed suit, and finally found their own partner. Zhou Yuning chose the boy with a loud voice, and the confession was quickly and easily completed. For Zhou Yuning, it was too easy. Zhou Yuning, who was very talkative at ordinary times, came in handy at this time. Zhou Yuning chose the boy with a loud voice, looking at his appearance, there is a familiar feeling, Zhou Yuning first smiled and nodded, and then began his own confession, Jiang Lin and Jin Berlin are watching her how to confess, do not know what she will say, good look forward to, want to know what she will say, that disgusting words, but never heard her say it. If I hadn't taken part in this activity today, I might not have had a chance to hear it. Hello, my name is Zhou Yuning, and I'm going to express my love now! Zhou Yuning first made a self-introduction, at least let the other side know his name. Hello, my name is Li Mingqiang! "The boy is also a gentleman to answer.". The two people seemed to be very polite. I didn't expect that he was Li Mingqiang. The phone that Zhou Yuning was going to dial just now was his. At first,long span shelving, I felt that the name was very earthy, but he was a very sunny boy. He was not earthy at all. On the contrary, he was very trendy. He was really a good object to express his love. omracking.com
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